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This site is currently under construction. We are developing it as a starting point for chimney related resources . We will be adding pages and links on chimney safety, interactive message boards and chat rooms, and hosting pages for chimney sweep companies, suppliers and affiliated trades.
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We should be advertising here just how good we are and how we can save you money by hosting your site with us and paying in Canadian dollars, but right now we are consentrating on developing our customers sites which are more time sensitive than our needs.

Some of our Sites

NIAGARA99 The Chimneysweeps Convention in Niagara Falls Jan 27-30 1999
The Gas Fireplace Association of B.C.
WET B.C. The Wood Energy Technicians of British Columbia
Chimney Questions Answered
Sweep to Sweep Forum
WETT Inc. Forum

Industry Related Links

The Ontario Chimney Sweeps Association
Chimney Safety Institute of America
National Chimney Sweeps Association USA
Chimney Sweeps of the World


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the Chimney Safety Association of Canada and the Ontario Chimney Sweeps Association are putting together this site to educate the public on the dangers of not properly maintaining their venting systems. This doesn't just mean chimneys as dryer vents are also becoming a source of fires in the home, and carbon monoxide is becoming more of a hazard than chimney fires ever were. The chimney fire usually caused structural damage, but that can be fixed, carbon monoxide KILLS. Duct cleaning. dryer vent cleaning and overall indoor air quality ( IAQ ) are becoming more in demand and the chimney sweep is the most knowledgable person to understand all the issues involved. So now we look after chimneys, dryer vents, duct cleaning and indoor air quality issues. Chimneysweeps, guilds , associations, training and education bodies like WETT ARWETO CSIA and certified sweeps should all use this as a starting point.